Friday, January 11, 2008

Not so wonderful meeting

Well last weekend I had my first opportunity to raid with the guild on a huge scale. The call went out and i grabbed my staff and answered the call from our leaders. No way was I going to miss an opportunity to fight alongside my brothers and sisters, or miss a chance to prove I am capable of running with the big dogs. First thing that happened was two horde guilds were there at the same time so no summons were going out at all. "Fly there or don't go" was the word we received from our scouting parties. we finally all go in and to my surprise the trash was big and bad. We had allot of newer toons to this fight. HKM was not as easy as he should have been we wiped 3 times due to a spell steal that was not successful. we downed him finally and moved on.

Then came the guy I had been waiting for. My thirst for his blood was intense. I have been hunting Gruul for a long time. It all started when i was sent out to track down and kill everyone of his sons. I knew this would anger him. When I walked in the door he saw me and froze. He knew of me and I knew of him but until that day, we had never met face to face. Now was the time. Unfortunately he made me and everyone of us pay for the treachery Five wipes lately and allot of repairs our leaders called it a night. I will have my revenge. Gruul I will be back.

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